Omron’s initial offering of IO-Link products includes photoelectric sensors, color mark sensors, proximity sensors and IO-Link masters. By connecting sensors and controllers via IO-Link, all necessary information for stable ensor operations, such as incident light levels, are visible. Now, monitoring and error detection at the sensor level is possible; reducing downtime, aiding in predictive maintenance and decreasing commissioning time

Identification of individual sensors will improve changeover efficiency By identifying individual devices, users can check errors such as disconnected or wrongly-connected sensors, as well as installation mistakes. Because several sensors can be programmed simultaneously from a host controller, commissioning and changeover times could be reduced “sharply”.

•  Error-detection functions will reduce equipment downtimes  If disconnections or short-circuits occur in their wiring, the IO-Link sensors can inform their host controllers in real time, making it easy to identify the cause of equipment stoppages, and to rectify the problem quickly.

•  Condition-monitoring will allow predictive maintenance without having to stop equipment  Omron’s IO-Link proximity sensors can alert users of any changes caused by wear and vibration before false detections or failures occur. Similarly, its photoelectric sensors can monitor incident light levels, revealing any build-ups of dust and moisture in real time, thus allowing maintenance to be carried out before false detection occurs, and reducing the risk of stoppages.


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